2311, 2023

Home Office “MR” consultation #2. It’s not MR!

The Home Office has finally revealed its thinking in this low-profile month long consultation from the 4th November until 30th [...]

1810, 2023

IICSA’s final report first anniversary – government is looking on and doing little

IICSA’s final report first anniversary – the government is looking on and doing little October 20th, 2023, brings the first anniversary of the publication of IICSA’s final report. The publication date coincided with the resignation of Liz Truss. As a result, it was largely wiped from media reporting on the day. To mark this first anniversary, we have undertaken a review the Government’s progress on the recommendations in the last twelve months. […]


709, 2023

Private Eye News 8.9.23 – Letby and observations about mandatory reporting

The Government baulks at introducing law that requires personnel in prescribed professions to report known and suspected child sexual abuse to the statutory authorities. The reasons have nothing to do with protecting children and a great deal to do with protecting the dysfunctional safeguarding framework. […]