1405, 2022

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UPDATE: 14 May 2022.  Like buses arriving four at a time we have updated our proposal for the introduction mandatory reporting [...]

1405, 2022

14.5.22 Mandate Now has updated its legislative proposal to: mandatory reporting of known and suspected child sexual abuse only

Several times in recent months we have updated our draft legislation for the introduction Mandatory Reporting of known and suspected [...]


412, 2016

Signs the Government is increasingly panicked over calls for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting – #FAabuse

Child sexual abuse in football has certainly stirred interest in the absence of law to report known and suspected abuse. [...]

2711, 2016

Abuse in Football – that sofa on VictoriaLIVE and the positive impact it *could* have on safeguarding

The public disclosure by Andy Woodward of child sexual abuse perpetrated on him by Barry Bennell when Andy was an 11 year old junior at Crewe Alexandra has had a dramatic effect on the public thinking and football. The exclusive story in The Guardian ‘It was the softer weaker boys he targeted’ on the 16th November, combined with Andy’s appearance on VictoriaLIVE the following day could improve safeguarding for the better.  Abuse in football, and sport generally, has finally emerged into the daylight. Mandate Now and others contributed to the programme on this important day. […]