Mandate Now is the pressure group that leads the agenda for the  introduction of law requiring staff  who work in ‘Regulated Activities’ to report suspected or even known sexual abuse of children to the Local Authority. Mandatory reporting is a vital component of functioning safeguarding in complex and strategically important institutional settings.

Mandate Now has many supportive individuals who coalesce around the campaign. These include: social workers, local authority employees  who are involved in children’s services and child protection, academics, teachers, Designated Child Protection Officers in Regulated Activities, safeguarding in sport specialists, early years staff, NHS personnel, barristers, parents, politicians from both Houses and importantly, adults who experienced sexual abuse in childhood for whom Mandate Now employs the neutral noun ‘abusees.’

The founder of Mandate Now is Tom Perry who was the first complainant in the Caldicott School child sexual abuse scandal. He was also the founding contributor of the 2008 BAFTA award winning documentary Chosen which first revealed the non-existence of law to protect children and staff in RA’s.

This unacceptable legal position was again brought to public attention during the BAFTA awards ceremony featured below, by co-contributor Alastair – take time bar to 5.40.

It was in 2005 that Tom, and another former pupil of Caldicott, started lobbying for changes to ‘statutory guidance’ which fails children and staff in all Regulated Activities. 

Well-designed mandatory reporting is a vital component of  functioning safeguarding