MandateNow has invested time to respond to these flawed proposals because their author, the NSPCC, appears to have evolved into a lobbyist of the public for its client the Department of Education. You can read our response here.

In mid August the NSPCC published a Policy Briefing titled: Strengthening duties on professionals to report child abuse, which is a tacit acknowledgement the safeguarding framework for Regulated Activities, which the NSPCC supported for decades, does not work. The charity has been forced to issue this paper in reaction to the clamour from campaigners and the public, for an effective legislative foundation on which reliable child protection can be created and delivered.

The policy briefing contains two proposals the first of which was announced on BBC R4 Today programme on 09 July 14. MandateNow provided a response  just three hours later in an interview with James O’Brian.

The second proposal is for restricted Mandatory Reporting to be introduced in only a limited selection of Regulated Activities.

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