UPDATE: On 16 July 2022 we updated our proposal for the introduction of mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.  A few days later Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson tabled it in her Private Members Bill.  Lady Grey-Thompson’s bill would have had a significant positive impact on institutional safeguarding unlike the lamentable IICSA final report recommendation of 20.10.22.   


Index of News Articles

The Government’s useless Child Sexual Abuse Reporting law13/05/24
Home Office "MR" consultation #2. It's not MR!23/11/23
IICSA’s final report first anniversary - government is looking on and doing little18/10/23
Private Eye news 8.9.23 – Letby and observations about mandatory reporting08/09/2023
Scotsman article 31.7.23 - Mandatory reporting laws of child sexual abuse on the table31/07/23
Our submission to the Home Office consultation: Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse17/07/2023
“The mountain hath laboured and brought forth a mouse.” The Government Response to IICSA 22.5.2322/05/23
Here are the 779 submissions made to the 2016 ‘Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect’ consultation. Councils, Royal College’s healthcare, education, faith, NGO’s and similar31/01/2020
The hope offered in the Home Secs Statement to HoC on 4/2/15 has been replaced by a bunker mindset at IICSA30/10/2015
Yvette Cooper calls for change to law after abuse scandal30/08/2014
House of Lords 28.10.14 | Serious Crimes Bill Amendment 43 [ Mandatory Reporting ] – Report 2nd Day29/10/2014
Surrey Police Operation Outreach Report – Activities of Savile at Duncroft School | At least 22 Pupils Abused29/04/2015
It’s inconceivable IICSA will not recommend well-designed Mandatory Reporting. But must we wait until 2021?28/12/2019
CSAInquiry : INDEPENDENT PANEL INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE | Panel Statement | November 26 201428/11/2014
Sir Keir Starmer former DPP – “the case for mandatory reporting of #CSA is now overwhelming”28/08/2014
‘Detriment’ can be experienced by staff who report child abuse. Our updated legislative proposal addresses it28/02/2022
Abuse in Football – that sofa on VictoriaLIVE and the positive impact It could have on safeguarding27/11/2016
Stanbridge Earls School: the saga continues. Ofsted got it repeatedly wrong, now the Charity Commission. Who next?27/10/2015
Mandate Now Submission to Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – #MRseminar (1) 27/9/1827/09/2018
A Confused NSPCC statement on BBC r4 Today Programme 9/7/14 about Mandatory Reporting27/08/2014
Department of Health Report (Savile) Kate Lampard27/06/2014
Ideology stops government introducing well-designed Mandatory Reporting27/03/2023
The impact of poorly designed mandatory reporting is far-reaching27/03/2023
Recent Coverage Media Contributions around The Disappointing DoH Lampard Review Published on 26/2/1527/02/2015
Lawn Tennis Association Safeguarding remains dysfunctional 27/01/2019
NSPCC – ‘The Dog Ate My Transcript’: the very odd occurrences following a debate on #MandatoryReporting27/01/2015
HoC Briefing Paper | ‘Child Protection: duties to report concerns’ | Our critical review of a flawed document26/10/2021
Hear no evil, see no evil: observations on a paper presented by Prof Munro and Dr Fish to CA Royal Commission26/10/2015
House of Lords 28.10.14 | Serious Crimes Bill Amendment 43 [ Mandatory Reporting ] – Report 2nd Day26/10/2014
Review of Option 2 of MR Consult: Introduce a Mandatory Reporting Duty in Relation to Child Abuse26/09/2016
Department of Health release the report by Lampard – BBC interview (Savile abuses) 26/06/2014
Alternative Perspective on NSPCC – closing ‘Loopholes in Sport’ VictoriaLIVE 26.1.1726/01/2017
Mandate Now Review of : Summary of consultation responses and Government action following #MRconsult25/09/2018
Cardinal Vincent Nichols r4Sunday 21/4/19. Child abuse – a straight answer to a straight question is outside the Cardinal’s repertoire25/04/2019
Update – IICSA / CA Royal Comm data comparison24/12/2018
The Impending Mandatory Reporting Consultation; the dynamics RA abuse and NSPCC understanding of it24/10/2015
Mandatory reporting laws for child sexual abuse are essential for kids and society: Professor Ben Mathews24/03/2017
Tom Watson MP questions Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove about Mandatory Reporting24/03/2014
Michael Gove : ‘Victim of abuse made a ‘compelling’ case for mandatory reporting’24/03/2014
No Reliance can be Placed on a Report Used by Academics and others to Dismiss Mandatory Reporting – here’s why23/11/2015
MandateNow response to an @Barnardos statement on Mandatory Reporting of 18th September 201423/09/2014
Spectator article Against Mandatory Reporting: A Blizzard of Ill-informed Comment23/06/2016
HoC debate on NC 17 Opposition Amendment to introduce alleged #MandatoryReporting23/02/2015
Two research papers on #MRCA by Dr Ben Mathews of QUT with one stemming from @CARoyalComm Australia | #CSAinquiry22/11/2014
Letter to IICSA from multiple signatories following the presentation by the Department for Education to the MR Seminar (1) 27.9.1822/10/2018
Remaining silent about child abuse can’t be an option – Times Scotland 21.9.1922/08/2019
How much does Barnardo’s really care for vulnerable children? | Why did it sign an Independent Advocacy Contract with the Youth Justice Board at Medway in which it agreed to not refer child protection concerns to Local Authority?22/02/2019
The Labour #MR amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill is debated tomorrow. @SkyNews interview22/02/2015
Mothers of Prevention | Organised Child Sexual Exploitation – Sunday Times Magazine 30/9/07 by Julie Bindel21/08/2018
Mandate Now’s model for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse used in Private Members Bill21/07/2022
Review of : “The Scale and nature of child abuse” by The Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse | Its value is limited21/07/2021
#MR Bill Underway for USA Athletes following Senate Hearing and Grey-Thompson Now Wants It21/04/2017
The cut n’ paste safeguarding policy at Crewe Alexandra Football Club needs to be scrapped. Here’s why21/03/2019
The Labour opposition amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill designed to allegedly introduce #MandatoryReporting – Doesn’t.21/02/2015
BBC Child Protection Policy. Perfectly Legal but Useless21/01/2016
Mandate Now and NSPCC met on 29/6/15 to explore our Contrasting Positions on Mandatory Reporting20/07/2015
Key Speeches from HoL Debate 15.12.16 : Allegations of child sexual abuse within football clubs19/12/2016
Where is the MR seminar IICSA? A letter sent 19/4/18 from lawyers acting for Core Participant abusees to Professor Jay19/04/2018
The Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel @churchofengland attempting to sell a counterfeit suggestion that mandatory reporting exists within the Church.19/03/2019
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse: Malcolm Underhill Speaks to Tom Perry of Mandate Now19/01/2016
Letter from Mandate Now to the @UKHomeOffice 7/2/15 regarding the ToRs and Scope of the #CSAinquiry18/02/2015
IICSA final report 20.10.22 – a flurry of pulled punches16/11/2022
CEOP Thematic Assessment The Foundations of Abuse: A thematic assessment of the risk of CSA by adults in institutions16/10/2013
Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Dr Myles Bradbury16/09/2014
Update to our legislative proposal for Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual abuse by Regulated Activities [16.07.2022]16/07/2022
Article in Community Care Magazine about Mandatory Reporting and the Whereabouts of the Consultation16/07/2016
A Lengthening List of Independent Schools Confused over Child Protection16/03/2016
‘The Church has some form of Mandatory Reporting’ (Peter Hancock – Lead Bishop for Safeguarding) | “Oh no it hasn’t!”16/01/2020
Confused Football Association safeguarding policy fails children15/12/2016
The Whyte Review – some considerations 15/10/2020
Where is the outcome of the Consultation – Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect15/09/2017
SERIOUS CRIMES BILL 3rd Day15/07/2014
IICSA Seminar 12.04.17 was Misinformed About Mandatory Reporting by UCLAN Assessment15/05/2017
Govt Secures NSPCC Support for Child Protection Proposal Designed to Fail14/11/2016
Mandate Now has updated its legislative proposal to: mandatory reporting of known and suspected child sexual abuse14/05/2022
Still no reliance can be placed on Stoke Mandeville Child Protection Procedures despite #Savile + Salmon #CSAinquiry14/02/2015
MandateNow response to @NSPCC July policy briefing: Strengthening duties on professionals to report child abuse13/09/2014
Is safeguarding in sport fit for purpose? Our written submission to the House of Lords Sport and Recreation Committee13/06/2021
Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) – what is it for?13/04/2015
NSPCC Whistling Home Office Tune to Child Protection Inertia13/02/2015
The Mandate Now Response to: NSPCC policy position against Mandatory Reporting13/01/2014
NSPCC Statement about Mandatory Reporting on the r4Today programme13/01/2014
IICSA’s final report recommendations fail to address its own reasoning06/02/2023
IICSA’s Final Report is in error on several matters of law06/02/2023
Mandate Now has updated its legislative proposal to: mandatory reporting of known and suspected child sexual abuse only06/04/2022
Boarding Schools’ Association says it wants Mandatory Reporting. (as long as it doesn’t work)08/05/2021
Home Office: Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy 2021 | No strategy, few proposals and little money05/10/2021
Scotland : Child abuse victims are still going undetected  || Yet Scottish academics still mistakenly reject mandatory reporting11/11/2020
Mandate Now observations on Law in Sport article about mandatory reporting for sport03/08/2020
IICSA Anglican Hearing 3/7/19 – Observation about the work being undertaken by the Social Care Institute of Excellence for the Church of England10/07/2019
The Disclosure and Barring Service isn’t working reliably. How are unmade ‘mandatory’ referrals to the DBS discovered?10/06/2019
Top 10 Myths About Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church (Psychology Today) 1/8/19 and a reply from Tim Lennon the President of SNAP
Oral question 1. HoL 10/9/18 : Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse regarding safeguarding failures at Downside and Ampleforth schools11/09/2018
Mysterious Omissions from the IICSA Report into Ampleforth and Downside10/08/2018
Mandatory Reporting Consultation : Government decides on costly retention of the failing status quo06/03/2018
Church of England Safeguarding is Dysfunctional and Can Have No Reliance Placed Upon It | A Review by Mandate Now02/03/2018
Child Protection in Football – An article in The Independent reliant on hearsay and hope06/03/2017
IICSA Chair responds to stinging Times article with a flurry of meaningless statistics03/11/2017
Australian Royal Commission data comparison with Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse03/11/2017
Bishop of Bath + Wells Faces a Morton’s Fork over MR. CofE Imagineers Attempt to Conceal ‘U’ Turn02/05/2017
West Berks SCB – The Unconvincing Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Abuse at Kennet School01/02/2017
Consultation on mandatory reporting of child abuse ‘has been buried’ | Observer 4.09.1609/09/2016
Mandatory Reporting of Known and Suspected Abuse: Guardian and Observer Articles June 201608/06/2016
A Review of: MR law on reporting and identification of CSA: A seven year time trend analysis08/06/2016
Are These the Official Spokespeople for IICSA?07/09/2016
Mandate Now Submission to Consultation: Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect06/10/2016
Labour Party Submission to MRconsult. Good Objectives but Muddled Thinking05/12/2016
Signs the Government is increasingly panicked over calls for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting – #FAabuse04/12/2016
Mandatory reporting laws for child sexual abuse are essential for kids and society: Professor Ben Mathews03/09/2016
New Research: Impact of Mandatory Reporting Law : A Seven year Longitudinal Analysis03/05/2016
MN Response to Option 3 of MR Consult: Duty to Act in relation to child abuse and neglect02/10/2016
Mandate Now: Putting the spotlight on UK child abuse01/02/2016
Letters in Support of Bishop Peter Ball Make Extraordinary Reading. Here in Full01/01/2016
Regulated Activities are petri dishes for abuse – Mandate Now on preventing child abuse scandals09/03/2015
Prime Ministers reaction to Oxford #CSE report – law for Wilful Neglect. It’s inadequate as #MN explains on #bbcpm03/03/2015
More than 200,000 people call for mandatory reporting of child abuse.02/12/2015
Mandatory Reporting Laws and the Identification of Severe Child Abuse and Neglect02/06/2015
Successive Govts Flee Mandatory Reporting on the Mistaken Grounds of Cost02/03/2015
The civil service dominated #IICSA : still not communicating despite representations01/10/2015
Child abuse needs mandatory reporting to create a high-risk environment for paedophiles: Independent March 201501/03/2015
Whatever happened to the @NSPCC? It wanted to talk, then on receiving the draft agenda fell silent.12/07/2014
Cheryl Gillan MP secures a meeting with for MandateNow with Michael Gove10/02/2014
Iain Dale @LBC to Harriet Harman: would you back a statutory inquiry? Erm ….. She then adopts the flawed Home Office position09/12/2014
Queens Speech debate House of Lords 3rd Day - Mandatory Reporting 09/06/2014
Baroness Walmsley in her debate on : Children and Vulnerable Adult Abuse08/07/2014
Ian Lee of BBC Three Counties Radio discusses the Wright trial (Caldicott School) with Tom Perry07/02/2014
MandateNow speaks with James O’Brien of @LBC Mandatory Reporting, child protection, and the state of the #CSAinquiry06/11/2014
Caldicott School - Trials and Outcomes06/02/2014
This is probably the most difficult speech I have ever made | Tackling Child Abuse | Best speech LD Conference 201505/10/2014
Baroness Walmsley’s Policy debate for introduction of Mandatory Reporting is approved at Lib Dem Conference05/10/2014
Cheryl Gillan MP (C) – Today raised key questions about #CSAinquiry in Topical Questions to the Leader of the House04/12/2014
Debate on the Address – [1st day] | Cheryl Gillan MP – Mandatory Reporting04/06/2014
HMIC’s review into allegations and intelligence material concerning Jimmy Savile 1964 and 201211/03/2013
Home Affairs Committee: CSE and the response to localised grooming10/06/2013