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February 27th, 2020|

For the assistance of readers, here is a fast track link to our submission to the ‘Reporting and acting on child abuse and neglect’ (2016) consultation which includes our draft legislation proposals, a forerunner of which assisted Baroness Walmsley secure the consultation.

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Here are the 779 submissions made to the 2016 ‘Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect’ consultation. Councils, Royal College’s healthcare, education, faith, NGO’s and similar31/01/2020
The hope offered in the Home Secs Statement to HoC on 4/2/15 has been replaced by a bunker mindset at IICSA30/10/2015
Yvette Cooper calls for change to law after abuse scandal30/08/2014
House of Lords 28.10.14 | Serious Crimes Bill Amendment 43 [ Mandatory Reporting ] – Report 2nd Day29/10/2014
Surrey Police Operation Outreach Report – Activities of Savile at Duncroft School | At least 22 Pupils Abused29/04/2015
It’s inconceivable IICSA will not recommend well-designed Mandatory Reporting. But must we wait until 2021?28/12/2019
CSAInquiry : INDEPENDENT PANEL INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE | Panel Statement | November 26 201428/11/2014
Sir Keir Starmer former DPP – “the case for mandatory reporting of #CSA is now overwhelming”28/08/2014
Abuse in Football – that sofa on VictoriaLIVE and the positive impact It could have on safeguarding27/11/2016
Stanbridge Earls School: the saga continues. Ofsted got it repeatedly wrong, now the Charity Commission. Who next?27/10/2015
Mandate Now Submission to Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – #MRseminar (1) 27/9/1827/09/2018
Department of Health Report (Savile) Kate Lampard27/06/2014
Recent Coverage Media Contributions around The Disappointing DoH Lampard Review Published on 26/2/1527/02/2015
Lawn Tennis Association Safeguarding remains dysfunctional 27/01/2019
NSPCC – ‘The Dog Ate My Transcript’: the very odd occurrences following a debate on #MandatoryReporting27/01/2015
Hear no evil, see no evil: observations on a paper presented by Prof Munro and Dr Fish to CA Royal Commission26/10/2015
House of Lords 28.10.14 | Serious Crimes Bill Amendment 43 [ Mandatory Reporting ] – Report 2nd Day26/10/2014
Review of Option 2 of MR Consult: Introduce a Mandatory Reporting Duty in Relation to Child Abuse26/09/2016
Department of Health release the report by Lampard – BBC interview (Savile abuses) 26/06/2014
Alternative Perspective on NSPCC – closing ‘Loopholes in Sport’ VictoriaLIVE 26.1.1726/01/2017
Mandate Now Review of : Summary of consultation responses and Government action following #MRconsult25/09/2018
Cardinal Vincent Nichols r4Sunday 21/4/19. Child abuse – a straight answer to a straight question is outside the Cardinal’s repertoire25/04/2019
Update – IICSA / CA Royal Comm data comparison24/12/2018
The Impending Mandatory Reporting Consultation; the dynamics RA abuse and NSPCC understanding of it24/10/2015
Mandatory reporting laws for child sexual abuse are essential for kids and society: Professor Ben Mathews24/03/2017
Michael Gove : ‘Victim of abuse made a ‘compelling’ case for mandatory reporting’24/03/2014
Tom Watson MP questions Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove about Mandatory Reporting24/03/2014
No Reliance can be Placed on a Report Used by Academics and others to Dismiss Mandatory Reporting – here’s why23/11/2015
MandateNow response to an @Barnardos statement on Mandatory Reporting of 18th September 201423/09/2014
Spectator article Against Mandatory Reporting: A Blizzard of Ill-informed Comment23/06/2016
HoC debate on NC 17 Opposition Amendment to introduce alleged #MandatoryReporting23/02/2015
Two research papers on #MRCA by Dr Ben Mathews of QUT with one stemming from @CARoyalComm Australia | #CSAinquiry22/11/2014
Letter to IICSA from multiple signatories following the presentation by the Department for Education to the MR Seminar (1) 27.9.1822/10/2018
Remaining silent about child abuse can’t be an option – Times Scotland 21.9.1922/08/2019
How much does Barnardo’s really care for vulnerable children? | Why did it sign an Independent Advocacy Contract with the Youth Justice Board at Medway in which it agreed to not refer child protection concerns to Local Authority?22/02/2019
The Labour #MR amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill is debated tomorrow. @SkyNews interview22/02/2015
Mothers of Prevention | Organised Child Sexual Exploitation – Sunday Times Magazine 30/9/07 by Julie Bindel21/08/2018
#MR Bill Underway for USA Athletes following Senate Hearing and Grey-Thompson Now Wants It21/04/2017
The cut n’ paste safeguarding policy at Crewe Alexandra Football Club needs to be scrapped. Here’s why21/03/2019
The Labour opposition amendment to the Serious Crimes Bill designed to allegedly introduce #MandatoryReporting – Doesn’t.21/02/2015
BBC Child Protection Policy. Perfectly Legal but Useless21/01/2016
Mandate Now and NSPCC met on 29/6/15 to explore our Contrasting Positions on Mandatory Reporting20/07/2015
Key Speeches from HoL Debate 15.12.16 : Allegations of child sexual abuse within football clubs19/12/2016
Where is the MR seminar IICSA? A letter sent 19/4/18 from lawyers acting for Core Participant abusees to Professor Jay19/04/2018
The Chair of the National Safeguarding Panel @churchofengland attempting to sell a counterfeit suggestion that mandatory reporting exists within the Church.19/03/2019
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse: Malcolm Underhill Speaks to Tom Perry of Mandate Now19/01/2016
Letter from Mandate Now to the @UKHomeOffice 7/2/15 regarding the ToRs and Scope of the #CSAinquiry18/02/2015
CEOP Thematic Assessment The Foundations of Abuse: A thematic assessment of the risk of CSA by adults in institutions16/10/2013
Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Dr Myles Bradbury16/09/2014
Article in Community Care Magazine about Mandatory Reporting and the Whereabouts of the Consultation16/07/2016
A Lengthening List of Independent Schools Confused over Child Protection16/03/2016
‘The Church has some form of Mandatory Reporting’ (Peter Hancock – Lead Bishop for Safeguarding) | “Oh no it hasn’t!”16/01/2020
Confused Football Association safeguarding policy fails children15/12/2016
Where is the outcome of the Consultation – Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect15/09/2017
SERIOUS CRIMES BILL 3rd Day15/07/2014
IICSA Seminar 12.04.17 was Misinformed About Mandatory Reporting by UCLAN Assessment15/05/2017
Govt Secures NSPCC Support for Child Protection Proposal Designed to Fail14/11/2016
Still no reliance can be placed on Stoke Mandeville Child Protection Procedures despite #Savile + Salmon #CSAinquiry14/02/2015
MandateNow response to @NSPCC July policy briefing: Strengthening duties on professionals to report child abuse13/09/2014
Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) – what is it for?13/04/2015
NSPCC Whistling Home Office Tune to Child Protection Inertia13/02/2015
NSPCC Statement about Mandatory Reporting on the r4Today programme13/01/2014
The Mandate Now Response to: NSPCC policy position against Mandatory Reporting13/01/2014
IICSA Anglican Hearing 3/7/19 – Observation about the work being undertaken by the Social Care Institute of Excellence for the Church of England10/07/2019
The Disclosure and Barring Service isn’t working reliably. How are unmade ‘mandatory’ referrals to the DBS discovered?10/06/2019
Top 10 Myths About Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church (Psychology Today) 1/8/19 and a reply from Tim Lennon the President of SNAP
Oral question 1. HoL 10/9/18 : Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse regarding safeguarding failures at Downside and Ampleforth schools11/09/2018
Mysterious Omissions from the IICSA Report into Ampleforth and Downside10/08/2018
Mandatory Reporting Consultation : Government decides on costly retention of the failing status quo06/03/2018
Church of England Safeguarding is Dysfunctional and Can Have No Reliance Placed Upon It | A Review by Mandate Now02/03/2018
Child Protection in Football – An article in The Independent reliant on hearsay and hope06/03/2017
Australian Royal Commission data comparison with Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse03/11/2017
IICSA Chair responds to stinging Times article with a flurry of meaningless statistics03/11/2017
Bishop of Bath + Wells Faces a Morton’s Fork over MR. CofE Imagineers Attempt to Conceal ‘U’ Turn02/05/2017
West Berks SCB – The Unconvincing Serious Case Review into Child Sexual Abuse at Kennet School01/02/2017
Consultation on mandatory reporting of child abuse ‘has been buried’ | Observer 4.09.1609/09/2016
A Review of: MR law on reporting and identification of CSA: A seven year time trend analysis08/06/2016
Mandatory Reporting of Known and Suspected Abuse: Guardian and Observer Articles June 201608/06/2016
Are These the Official Spokespeople for IICSA?07/09/2016
Mandate Now Submission to Consultation: Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect06/10/2016
Labour Party Submission to MRconsult. Good Objectives but Muddled Thinking05/12/2016
Signs the Government is increasingly panicked over calls for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting – #FAabuse04/12/2016
Mandatory reporting laws for child sexual abuse are essential for kids and society: Professor Ben Mathews03/09/2016
New Research: Impact of Mandatory Reporting Law : A Seven year Longitudinal Analysis03/05/2016
MN Response to Option 3 of MR Consult: Duty to Act in relation to child abuse and neglect02/10/2016
Mandate Now: Putting the spotlight on UK child abuse01/02/2016
Letters in Support of Bishop Peter Ball Make Extraordinary Reading. Here in Full01/01/2016
Regulated Activities are petri dishes for abuse – Mandate Now on preventing child abuse scandals09/03/2015
Prime Ministers reaction to Oxford #CSE report – law for Wilful Neglect. It’s inadequate as #MN explains on #bbcpm03/03/2015
More than 200,000 people call for mandatory reporting of child abuse.02/12/2015
Mandatory Reporting Laws and the Identification of Severe Child Abuse and Neglect02/06/2015
Successive Govts Flee Mandatory Reporting on the Mistaken Grounds of Cost02/03/2015
The civil service dominated #IICSA : still not communicating despite representations01/10/2015
Child abuse needs mandatory reporting to create a high-risk environment for paedophiles: Independent March 201501/03/2015
Whatever happened to the @NSPCC? It wanted to talk, then on receiving the draft agenda fell silent.12/07/2014
Cheryl Gillan MP secures a meeting with for MandateNow with Michael Gove10/02/2014
Iain Dale @LBC to Harriet Harman: would you back a statutory inquiry? Erm ….. She then adopts the flawed Home Office position09/12/2014
Queens Speech debate House of Lords 3rd Day - Mandatory Reporting 09/06/2014
Baroness Walmsley in her debate on : Children and Vulnerable Adult Abuse08/07/2014
Ian Lee of BBC Three Counties Radio discusses the Wright trial (Caldicott School) with Tom Perry07/02/2014
MandateNow speaks with James O’Brien of @LBC Mandatory Reporting, child protection, and the state of the #CSAinquiry06/11/2014
Caldicott School - Trials and Outcomes06/02/2014
Baroness Walmsley’s Policy debate for introduction of Mandatory Reporting is approved at Lib Dem Conference05/10/2014
This is probably the most difficult speech I have ever made | Tackling Child Abuse | Best speech LD Conference 201505/10/2014
Cheryl Gillan MP (C) – Today raised key questions about #CSAinquiry in Topical Questions to the Leader of the House04/12/2014
Debate on the Address – [1st day] | Cheryl Gillan MP – Mandatory Reporting04/06/2014
HMIC’s review into allegations and intelligence material concerning Jimmy Savile 1964 and 201211/03/2013
Home Affairs Committee: CSE and the response to localised grooming10/06/2013
3101, 2020

Here are the 779 submissions made to the 2016 ‘Reporting and Acting on Child Abuse and Neglect’ consultation. Councils, Royal College’s healthcare, education, faith, NGO’s and similar

January 31st, 2020|

The Information Commissioner’s Office ruled in our favour against the Home Office requiring it to provide us with the submissions to the MR consultation.

The submissions provide useful information, but it’s a depressing picture of sparse safeguarding understanding in so many Regulated Activities. It is the Department for Education which is responsible for the disrepair and dysfunction within the safeguarding framework that fails staff, children and their parents. The framework’s design emerged from social work practice, dominated as it is by familial neglect and its consequences. The resulting thicket of confusion was then misapplied to strategically important and complex Regulated Activities in a thoughtless ‘one size fits’ all approach. As data reveals these settings require the legislative foundation of well-designed MR as data reveals.

You may find many of the responses from professional bodies quite inexplicable.

Surprisingly perhaps, no National Governing Bodies of sport made a submission to the consultation. Why not? Neither did the Catholic Church or the Church of England with the exception of the Diocese of Canterbury (see #556 and the answer to Q7), and it’s worth reading.

To use the data, we suggest you click on ‘Index of Consultation Responses’ and either scroll through or word search what you are looking for. Then open ‘consultation responses’ and go to the corresponding index number.

Index of Consultation Responses

Consultation Responses

1601, 2020

‘The Church has some form of Mandatory Reporting’ (Peter Hancock – Lead Bishop for Safeguarding) | “Oh no it hasn’t!”

January 16th, 2020|

It’s panto season – is it ever not with Church of England Safeguarding ?

On the 14th July last year, Bishop Peter Hancock featured on BBC r4 Sunday programme which reported on IICSA’s final hearing into child abuse within the Anglican Church.

During the programme, which highlighted that Archbishops Welby and Sentamu both called for the introduction of statutory mandatory reporting Peter Hancock, the lead Bishop for safeguarding, in an ‘off-air’ exchange with the BBC journalist, said this:

2812, 2019

It’s inconceivable IICSA will not recommend well-designed Mandatory Reporting. But must we wait until 2021?

December 28th, 2019|

A summary of IICSA MR Seminars 1 + 2 with some background.

In Spring 2018 many of us wondered if IICSA’s long promised mandatory reporting (‘MR’) seminar would ever happen. Well-designed MR is a key component of functioning safeguarding, particularly for Regulated Activities. It introduces responsibility and accountability to these strategically important institutional roles where only nominal responsibility and accountability exists presently. It’s in these settings that children spend most time after time with family. Importantly, and always overlooked, MR law also protects staff who are mandated to report known or suspected abuse. This rarely recognised element is as important as the obligation to report.

2208, 2019

Remaining silent about child abuse can’t be an option – Times Scotland 21.9.19

August 22nd, 2019|

The full article as it appeared in the Times is here.

Here is the pre-edited draft sent to The Times which contains important additional facts and supporting data :

‘It’s all different now’ is the default refrain from those who today are responsible for safeguarding in institutional settings such as education, sport, healthcare and faith. The amount of time spent by children in these operationally complex places is second only to time spent with their families. But the assertion begs the question, how is it all different now when today there is still no statutory obligation on ‘professionals’ working in positions of trust to report known or suspected abuse of a child to the authorities for independent assessment? (more…)

408, 2019

Top 10 Myths About Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church (Psychology Today) 1/8/19 and a reply from Tim Lennon the President of SNAP

August 4th, 2019|

A ‘ping’ notified us of an article in Psychology Today (1/8/19) titled “Top 10 Myths About Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church.”  1) It doesn’t happen?  Not quite, but the article by Thomas G Plant Ph.D., ABPP  suggests it’s de minimis.

We decided to email Tim Lennon the President of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (“SNAP”) to seek his opinion  and invited him to respond, particularly as Dr Plant is an American academic  :

Reply to Church Apologist :